How LED Floodlights Can Improve Safety on Construction Sites

Released on Sep. 14, 2021


With most construction taking place at night or during off-peak hours, hundreds of construction site workers are killed or injured each year due to dangerous site conditions and poor lighting. Here, proper lighting can be a lifesaver, boosting productivity and ensuring the site is safe for workers. That's where LED lights come into play, and ShuangAn has you covered.

How LED Floodlights Can Improve Safety on Construction Sites

Outdoor Waterproof LED Floodlight-SA6851UN-36W

Reducing falls

Dimly lit or shaded areas on any construction site can be dangerous for workers. Construction sites use hazardous equipment and heavy machinery to increase production, which can prove dangerous if workers have difficulty looking around. This situation can lead to trips and falls that could cause injury to workers. Using LED floodlights can evenly illuminate the entire space while eliminating negatives and shadow spaces.

Safety Enhancements

While the power reduction and longevity aspects of LED lights are often discussed, the safety enhancement aspect is not overlooked. Floodlights can be used inside buildings to facilitate movement and work on site, and in exterior areas to properly illuminate storage, entry, and circulation areas, and also to limit intruders.

Improve emotional health

Believe it or not, inadequate lighting can darken the environment while affecting the emotional and mental health of those working in the facility. In addition, by providing workers with properly lit spaces, environmental-induced illnesses are reduced. The Department of Labor and Employment has detailed regulations for those employing workers for construction facilities. This includes the need for lighting that is appropriate and adequate to meet mental and emotional needs.

How LED Floodlights Can Improve Safety on Construction Sites

Increase productivity

Ensuring that all areas of a construction site are evenly illuminated significantly reduces eye strain and fatigue. the addition of LED lights puts workers in an optimal environment, which increases productivity while producing desired results. In addition, adequate lighting reduces fatigue and allows workers to perform their assigned tasks at the highest capacity.

Reasons for choosing LEDs

The lighting industry is undergoing a revolution, and LED lights have taken brightness to a completely different level. These features are being improved with the introduction of new products at a decreasing cost. LED lights provide uniform light that lasts longer than traditional lighting fixtures. Low maintenance, non-toxic, and can improve energy efficiency

ShuangAn has a wide range of products for illuminating construction sites. Our powerful and energy-efficient LED floodlights save power, ensure safety and provide uniform light distribution. Contact us for more details.