Waterproof Floodlight: Applications and Benefits

Released on Aug. 15, 2021


Floodlights, literally, flood an area with light! Floodlight manufacturers help you understand the applications of floodlights and their benefits.

The light bulb is indeed one of the greatest inventions of all time and has seen countless innovations since then. With the rise of technology, the ecosystem of the lighting industry has changed and is constantly improving. Today, there are many lamps available for a variety of uses, and floodlights are one of them.

 Outdoor Waterproof LED Floodlight-SA68815-36W

What is a floodlight

Floodlights are excellent lighting devices that emit a wide beam of light. As the name suggests, a floodlight is used to flood an area with light. This is the best way to provide a lot of unnatural light to an area. They are used for a variety of applications and also allow for a range of lighting technologies.


Floodlight applications

The wide beam of a floodlight is used in many ways for many objects and areas.

Construction sites

Industrial units require high intensity lighting systems for a variety of processes. Most of these facilities operate 24x7, which further increases the need for optimal lighting, and LED floodlights are the lighting solution of choice in these areas due to their high lumen output.


Iconic buildings

Buildings and monuments can enhance the value of an area. Some of these buildings are the pride of a nation and a cultural icon. Floodlights are used to illuminate these structures at night while enhancing their architectural splendor. Lighting techniques such as accentuation and wall washing are often used to highlight monuments, and the precise wide beam of light emitted by LED floodlights achieves this goal and is the best choice for illuminating such buildings.



Ports are another major application area for floodlights. These areas are open 24x7, which requires maximum illumination at night. LED floodlights are powerful lighting fixtures and are the natural choice for such applications.


Façade Lighting

The façade is one of the most critical areas of a building. It is the front area of a building facing the street. Different lighting technologies are used in combination with LED floodlights to highlight these areas. The main purpose of this lighting with floodlights is to highlight the main facade, for example the company logo.

 Outdoor Waterproof LED Floodlight-SA6851M-24W

Benefits of LED floodlights

There is no longer a debate between LEDs and conventional lighting systems; LEDs are by far the most innovative lighting solution and excel in every way. Here are some of the reasons why LED floodlights are the choice of the future.


Energy efficient

One of the main benefits of using LED luminaires is their energy efficiency. They are the most capable lighting solution and have revolutionized the lighting industry. LED lamps are far superior to any other traditional lighting solution, offering high performance and superior performance. It results in superior illumination and less power usage.


High lumen output

Lumen output is a measure of the brightness of any light source. The higher the lumen output, the brighter the light source, and LEDs have a high lumen output, making them ideal for use in floodlights.


Excellent Thermal Management

LED lamps are much cooler than any other commercial lighting source. The superior thermal management system reduces the amount of heat generated, which is an added advantage, especially in areas such as manufacturing plants and ports. We at Wipro Lighting are constantly innovating to provide the best LED lighting solutions.


Floodlights have many applications, and their use cases make them very popular. These lighting devices have some primary uses, but they also have some secondary uses, such as safety, especially when working outdoors. Follow ShuangAn to find more high quality lights, we have wall washer, linear light and many other light products.